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Organization and Functioning

The organization of “D. Hopffer Almada & Associados” is based on simple and modern principles of management, on an entrepreneurial manner, adapted to the specific conditions  and to the nature of the services rendered, namely in the exercise of law services. Its Lawyers and Consultants are assisted by a formal, administrative and accounting service, with a dedicated staff, and the necessary and modern means and equipment, as well as a library reasonably equipped and frequently updated.

Through then internet network (ADSL) installed in the Office, all of the Lawyers and Consultants have constant and direct access to the different sources of juridical information, issuing from all over the world.

 “D. Hopffer Almada & Associados” operates on the 1st floor of a Building recently constructed (in 1998), located in an area considered to be the biggest neighbourhood of the City of Praia - Achada de Santo António -, next to the National Assembly Building, opposite the Embassy of Portugal, and near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration, the Embassies of China and Russia, the European Union Commission, and the United Nations Building.

Its facilities occupy a space comprised of 14 compartments, namely the Lawyers and Consultants’ offices, the Staff’s offices, the Meeting Room, the Secretariat, the Library, the Waiting Room and a dining room.

There is a branch of “D. Hopffer Almada & Associados” in the Island of Sal (Espargos).

“D. Hopffer Almada & Associados” collaborates with Lawyers Offices from different countries such as: Angola, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Guinea-Bissau, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United States of America.