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Dr David Hopffer Almada

Law Degree conferred by the University of Coimbra (Universidade de Coimbra (PORTUGAL), in the academic year of 1972/73.
Dr. David Hopffer Almada has been a Professional Lawyer exercising in the City of Praia since 1973.
Since the National Independence in 1975, he was a Member of Parliament in different mandates, and Minister of different Governments, in charge of Justice, Administrative Reform, Culture, Social Communication, and Sports.
He’s the author of five books published and frequently collaborates with articles in newspapers, magazines and anthologies.
He was President of the Association of Capeverdean Writers, he is member of the Board of Administration of Amilcar Cabral Foundation, he is President of the General Council of the Law & Justice Foundation and is President of the Board of Administration of the Caperverdean Authors Society - SOCA.

LANGUAGES ((Besides the Capeverdean Creole language):

Portuguese: Spoken, Written and Read Excellent
French: Spoken, Written and Read Good
English: Spoken, Written and Read Average
Spanish: Spoken, Written and Read Good level of understanding
Italian: Spoken, Written and Read Good level of understanding